Exert Influence of Party Building and Promote Project Management

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    Party committee of CREGC convened on-site meeting for party-mass work assistant

    One year after carrying out the idea from CREC head office “assign party-mass work assistant to subcontractor”, GREGC party committee, in order to deepen the work of assigning party-mass work assistant to subcontractor, convened a live advancing meeting for GREGC party-mass work assistant on June 25 in Chengdu Metro Line 7 Package IV Project which is undertaken by CREGC No. 2 company. Mr. Deng Yuanfa, the secretary of party committee of CREGC, and Mr. Fang Guojian, the deputy secretary of party committee and the secretary of discipline inspection commission of CREGC presented at the meeting and made speeches.
    CREGC No.2 company and No.4 company made speeches at the meeting for exchanging their experience in the work. All other attending companies also exchanged written summaries of this piloted work in the year, which fully reveals the results with outstanding characteristics and high points of each company after resolutely carrying out this work. Moreover “management measures for Party-mass work assistant in CREGC Project department” was studied, discussed lively and then agreed unanimously, which further emphasized the importance and necessity of carrying out party-mass assistant work, and determined the details of position setting and managing, position qualification and duties, working system and requirement, training and evaluating and others.
    Mr. Deng Yuanfa affirmed the achievements of building consensus, forming emphasis, improving system, perfecting mechanism, active exploration and stressing highpoints” by all companies in the pilot year. He, in order to deepen this work, also emphasized three aspects: make clear the purpose for assigning party-mass work assistant, strengthen the management of subcontractor through carrying out party-mass assistant work, control and management subcontractor to improve performance quality of contract and build a good cooperation; promote the project management level and carry out the enterprise management system in the front of construction; promote the cohesion of laobor force and maintain the project stability.
    Mr. Deng Yuanfa pointed that the key point of party-mass assistant work must be selected and “three problems” must be solved: different goal directions between subcontractor and the company, the difficult practice of management system in construction level and instable labor force. Meanwhile, perfecting organization and strengthening leadership shall be paid attention; work responsibility shall be carried out and work system improved; and select personnel carefully and enhance comprehensive quality. He also pointed, in order to ensure the party-mass assistant work to be managed and implemented strictly with actual effect, capable party-mass assistant in each project must be in their places, and the full-time assistant must account for 30% before the end of July.
    Mr. Fang Guojian required that all companies ought to grasp the chance of this live advancing meeting, realize the importance of project management, and comply with the united arrangement of CREGC party committee. He emphasized that all companies should set up a good interactive management system for subcontractor and build a hearty bridge between company and subcontractor through clearing six relationships between assistant and project management members, project operating department, the subcontractor principal and the subcontractor labor, warming service and management supervision, institutional norm and culture guidance, so as to facilitate project construction and practice of management measures.
    70 persons attended this meeting, including all party committee secretaries and some headofficers of party affair work offices of fourteen companies, the party organization secretaries of projects in Chengdu and headofficers of party-mass departments in headquarter.